Nurtur the Salon Talent Program

182 Days to Greatness.

At Nurtur the Salon, we believe the foundation of success is our comprehensive training program for new stylists. New or experienced, our new stylists take advanced education courses in hair cutting, color, spa & customer service. During this portion of the program, each stylist will practice techniques on mannequin heads as well as live models. Education courses are taught by our In-Salon Coaches, certified by Aveda Corporation.

After our stylists pass out of this phase of the program, they begin to take Talent level services. Talent level services are value priced services for our guests. This allows our new stylists to apply what they’ve learned during their education courses on Nurtur guests. Our stylists take talent level services for approximately 4 months prior to their final examination. Upon successful completion of their examination, they will move to our first level, Stylist 1.

Advanced/On-Going Education

We believe that learning never ends and that education can take many forms. Since the Nurtur the Salon team is large and ever growing, on-going education is often offered on-site.

Notable educators that have recently taught at Nurtur include:

  • John Reyman -Aveda Hair Cutting Purefessional
  • Tracy Freeman - Aveda Hair Color Purefessional
  • Lupe Voss - Aveda Guest Artist & Global Purefessional
  • Rose Leathers - Aveda Global Makeup Purefessional
  • Holly Brown - Master Purefessional
  • Michelle Jens - Aveda Hair Cutting Purefessional
  • Hauns Korpela - Aveda Guest Artist
  • Janell Geason - Aveda Global Makeup Artist
  • Alli Wolfe - Aveda Regional Educator
  • Tim Howard - Aveda Stylist & Educator

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