Best Cut for Your Face Shape

What is the best cut for your face shape? Before you can determine that, you need to find out what your specific face shape is! Is your face oval, round, square, diamond or heart shaped?

With Oval face shapes, the length of your face is usually a bit more than the width, with the forehead being your widest part. For round face shapes, the length and width ratio is about equal. Square face shapes are equal horizontally and vertically with a strong, angled jaw and minimal curve at the chin. Diamond face shapes are usually defined by high cheekbones, a pointy chin, and a narrower forehead. And heart shaped faces are characterized by a pointed, slim chin and wider forehead. It could also be considered an inverted triangle.

Need help figuring out your face shape and your perfect cut?  The professionals at Nurtur Salon + Spa can help! 

Oval face shapes can work with most cuts, but the most flattering can range from Shoulder length, long layers, layered bob, or a pixie. 

Round-face shapes work well with swoopy bangs, long waves, and shaggy bobs. 

Square face shapes look great with side-swept bangs, long layers, or shag cuts.

Diamond face shapes can show off their high cheekbones with short-cropped hair or keep it long with face-framing layers. 

Heart-shaped faces can rock short bobs, wavy layers, and blunt bangs. 

It’s the perfect time to book an appointment today to ask for some great advice about the best cut for your face shape. Book an appointment today at Nurtur Salon + Spa! 



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