Meet Your Hairs Deepest Needs

​​When it comes to hair woes, it’s often tricky to know the source of the problem. Luckily, there is a product for every hair need, but how can you tell which one is right for your hair?

Listen up, because we have the deets on choosing the right product for your hair, and you’ll be on your way to lustrous, healthy locks.

Your hair needs repair if:

  1. You color or chemically treat your hair

  2. It breaks or splits

  3. The ends feel brittle or thin

Hair damage sounds scary, but it’s extremely common! The daily stresses of everyday life can wear down your hair. The most common causes of damage are:

  1. Environmental factors – UV rays, pollution

  2. Heat styling – hot irons, blow dryers

  3. Physical influences – brushing, styling, detangling, extensions

  4. Chemical treatments – relaxers, perms, hair coloring, bleaching

You can often tell if your hair needs repair by looking at the strands. Split ends and variations in thickness are signs your hair needs a little TLC.

Your hair may also be very reactive to weather; for instance, frizzing in humidity or feeling brittle in the cold.

Elasticity is the ability of your hair to stretch and return to its original length. This is important to keep your hair from snapping easily! Hair with good elasticity is stronger and not prone to breakage.

  • Step 1: Pinch a strand of hair securely at your scalp.

  • Step 2: With your other hand, gently tug the strand.

  • Step 3: Notice whether your hair stretches or if it breaks.

If your hair stretches and returns to its original shape, it likely is damage free. If the strand stretches and remains stretched out, your hair has medium elasticity and could use a little repair. If it breaks, your hair has poor elasticity and needs repair straightaway.

Your hair needs hydration if:

  1. It is rough from roots to ends

  2. It tangles easily

  3. You have a dry scalp

What causes dry hair:
Many factors. Here are the most common:

  1. Dry scalp

  2. Environmental stressors: a dry, hot climate, sun and wind exposure, or chlorinated or saltwater

  3. Heat styling

  4. Overwashing

You can usually tell your hair is dehydrated when it lacks shine and smoothness. Unlike damaged tresses, dry strands are the same thickness throughout.

It’s important to remember that no matter how stressed, dry or damaged your hair might be—we have a solution that will bring it back to its former glory! Shop our Botanical Repair and Nutriplenish collections in-store, or book an appointment today with one of our professionals at Nurtur Salon + Spa to get a hair care regime!



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