Women Haircuts for Curly Hair

What is the best haircut to showcase your curls? While there are many types of natural curl pattern hair, there are a number of tips that are helpful for all!

Don’t wash your hair too often, condition and deep condition often, set your curls at the right time, know what products to use, keep your hair trimmed to reduce dead ends, as well as invest in a good diffuser and wide toothed comb.

Given that there are so many different types of curly hair, there are just as many great ways to cut your locks. The best haircut for you will depend on your face shape, lifestyle, and time you have each day in your hair routine.

Shoulder length, short bob with bangs, middle part with long layers, and a curly pixie cut are among the best haircuts for women with curly hair.

Which one is right for you? The experts at Nurtur Salon + Spa can help. 

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